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Whizheartz Edu-Centre has been awarded the status of Non WSQ Training Organisation” on 12th January 2017. We continue to strive to provide good quality training programmes for our clients and learners. Stay tune for more new exciting programmes.

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Whizheartz has been a training partner of Singapore People’s Association since 2010. We have successfully renew our partnership for another 4 years till year 2011. 

An undeveloped mind is just like a caterpillar in its cocoon stage. We may have a lot of ideas, but we just cannot create a paradigm shift.

At WhizHeartz, we see each individual as a beautiful, untransformed butterfly. We want to make a difference in your life journey by helping you understand your inborn talents and unleash your potential.

So that you burst out of your cocoon and transform into that beautiful butterfly!

At WhizHeartz, we touch hearts and nurture minds.

In WhizHeartz, we have come up with a Total Education System (TES) which we have catered a wide spread of courses for the 3 main groups of people – for children, youths and adults (which include parents and working professionals).