About Us

Establishing it premium and foremost educational and training centre in Singapore, along Manhattan Road. It was inaugurated in 22 March 2009 with the combination effort of four dynamic individuals who have farsighted goals in their mind in progressing Whizheartz Edu-Centre. A one-stop training programme provider for parents, children, government agencies and corporate companies.

Most of the people were not fully developed yet into their best that they can be. Bear in mind that we should learn to understand our inborn talents and unleash our potential. Do make your time available at Whizheartz – a place that could transform oneself into through the next stage of life in our adulthood. Many times learning through books is not sufficient and going through trial and error methods and eventually make it to the top of the corporate ladder, but some of us don’t.

Do not worry about not getting into the correct workshop. At Whizheartz, they adopted a simple way to understand oneself – Dermatoglyphics or Fingerprint Analysis which is a scientific research in 1823 having prints analysize; knowing the predominant intelligence lie and groom them in that areas.

 “Touching Hearts, Nurturing Minds.” Mr. Nick Sim and three other partners believe that everyone deserve an opportunity to learn and unleash their personal potential. Being passionate about education wasn’t enough for the new establishment. “Why should I spend my time learning about Whizheartz’s products.” Replied by one of their customers who is a regular right now at Whizheartz, witnessed their professional and experienced trainers, as well as the commitment they have input into their programme and services.

The team has decided to work with trainers from all over the world and introduced them into Singapore market. Currently, having potential partnership which are located at China, Taiwan, Malaysia and India. They hope to share their visions and could have their knowledge be of good use into their cultures.

How did WhizHeartz come about?

WhizHeartz was started with a single goal in mind: to provide education for the children, youths and adults.

We see that in the current education system, learning through books is not sufficient to see us through to the next stage of life in our adulthoods. Many times we need to go through trial and error. Some of us got it eventually and made it to the top of the corporate ladder, some of us don’t.

With that in mind, we think that everyone deserves an opportunity to learn. And from a young age.

The team wants to cater to the learning needs of everyone, not only in the academics via tuition, but also through personal development trainings for the young and old.

We want you to be the best that you can be. And we’re sure you do too.

Milestones Achieved 

WhizHeartz Edu-Centre has been awarded:

  1. “TOP100 Singapore Excellence Award 2011/2012”, 
  2. “Promising SME 500 2013”, and
  3. “Singapore Entrepreneurs Award 2013”.

Our management and our trainers will like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients and working partners for making this possible for all of us.

Award for WhizHeartz Edu-Centre

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