Infocomm Technology Trainers

This is an ongoing WSQ training project we have been embarking on since early 2016. Our pool of trainers has empowered thousands of learners on the usage of basic computer. If you have passion to train learners, mainly senior citizens, please continue to read on. You will be empowering them on how to use computer and even usage on social media.

As a trainer, you can choose to train on the schedules. Once you are confirmed for the training, we will share with you the training schedules.


We hope you have the following:

  1. ACTA certified trainer (Compulsory),
  2. Diploma qualifications and above (Preferred in IT/ Computer Science discipline),
  3. Supervisory or managerial roles in employment (within immediate 4 years),
  4. Conduct IT or relevant training (within immediate 2 years),
  5. Able to train in English and converse in other languages or even Chinese dialects. We believe many participants may be Mandarin speaking. It will be ideal for trainers.


If this training project resonates with you, do fill in the form and attach your training profile and resume in word format only. Our manager will be liaising with you soon.