Life Skills for the Adults

Life Skills for the Adults

For the Professionals

For young graduates who have started working, we also have courses cater to this group of people. Likewise, we would use the latest methodologies and technologies to enable each working adults to reach for their success in their careers and industry.

We are living in a world where speed and knowledge is the key to a company’s success. And as an individual, how are you contributing to it? At WhizHeartz, we believe you should play your part by your strengths and a deep self-belief. Henceforth, we have a wide range of courses to cater for your development needs.

For organisations, the various programmes conducted by WhizHeartz trainers can be customized to suit the training needs and objectives of your company. With the aid of modern technologies like Dermatoglyphics, we offer a range of learning programmes to equip your organisation for the peak performance of your team so as to achieve your company’s targets and results.

Below are the courses that we have for the professionals and organisations:

1. Communication with Your Colleagues Workshop
At a workplace, you not only have superiors, you also have subordinates. And also male and female colleagues. This program enables you to understand how different people think and act, and how you can handle them.

2. Know Yourself, Know Others Workshop
In this workshop, we will go through what dermatoglyphics is all about, and how you can understand yourself better, and know how to communicate with others better.

3. Team Building Workshop
Through group activities, professionals will learn more about themselves, how to work with each other, and how to have a better work relationship.

For the Parents

Have you ever wonder why your teenage child is no longer communicating with you? They start to stay out late, they enjoying going out with their friends than with you. Sometimes, you will feel as if they are living in their own digital word.

Although every adolescent is different, there are many experiences common to the teenage years. The most common may be the pull and push between dependence and independence. Teenagers today are very much misunderstood. They need love, respect and understanding. By adopting some communication habits, parents can have a CHOICE on what to do with the brazen behaviour of a growing teenager.

Here’s where we come in, to help you understand your children, and bring about a closer relationship between you and them. We have courses as below for the parents:

1. Parenting Workshop
To be able to convey your message to your child, you must first know yourself. This is a program that helps you learn about communication, not only with your child, but also with yourself. To equip you with the skills so that you can handle the stress, emotions and challenges in bringing up a child in this era.

2. Parent-Child Bonding Workshop
Through different group activities as a team, the parent and child will learn more about themselves and each other, and how to generate a closer bonding through team work.

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