Life Skills for the Children

Life Skills for the Children

WhizHeartz understands that every child is unique and has a wide range of strengths and interests, and they have different learning style and speed. Every child has great potential to learn and experience life. Very often, parents neglect this important area in their life and the great potential remains untapped.

Together with our child specialists and trainers, we will equip your children with the correct skills and systems to unleash and maximize their potential in all aspects of their lives.

Using some of the latest and most advanced skills and technologies, we had been able to produce BETTER results in SHORTER time and these results are PERMANENT and TRANSFORMATIONAL.

Programmes for the children include:

1. Memory Magic & Confidence Program
A program that enhances children’s memory capacity and self confidence to equip them with effective learning techniques and social skills as they progress into a higher level of academic learning.

2. Team Building and Self-esteem Workshop
Through group activities, children will learn more about themselves and how to generate better results through team work.

3. Financial Savvy Kids
A program to teach children what is their belief towards money and knowing money management techniques.

4. Learning to Learn
A program that offers a break-through in the children’s learning techniques and their self belief. They will gain a better insight of themselves after going through this 3 days program.